Thursday, July 8, 2010


The review below is completely bogus! You can tell that the entire review has been fabricated. This machine is completely faulty and broke within two weeks of use. In my opinion, AbRocket is a much better buy. So far I have gone 3 months without any problems and am starting to see results. However, don't expect quick abs, you have to work for it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ab Circle Pro Review: What is It?

Ab Circle Pro first caught my eye when I was working out in my gym. I got interested in the machine instantly, but was reluctant at the same time, as I was not sure what it was all about. So I waited for someone to use the machine before I could myself go and give it a try, since it could really be embarrassing being in a gym when you are not sure about how to use an exercise machine.

Actually I came back home without having a clue what the machine was all about, until I happened to catch it on TV the very same night. I was surprised to see it on TV, and couldn’t believe that my gym had one of that “As Seen on TV” stuff. But hey, it was the first time one of their machines caught my eye. The ad featured the famous fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee, who explained how the product worked. I was much impressed and really couldn’t wait to try the machine the next morning.

If you have been working out for abs, then you would agree that most exercises for abs are so hard to execute and there is hardly any return for all the effort. You will see people endlessly doing sit-ups and crunches, but they are hardly ever able to take off that fat from their abs. If you ask me, I usually try to avoid these exercises and work out for abs constitutes the smallest part of my routine. But actually it’ my stomach that needs more of my attention, but the difficulty of the exercises always got into the way. Thanks to Ab Circle Pro, my work out problems are solved now.